Al Gore (March 31, 1948) is a Democratic Candidate in The Political Machine 2012.
A. Gore

Al Gore


Born in Washington D.C. he served in the National Guard. Afterwards he served in the Senate and House in Tennessee. He attempted to gain the Democratic Nomination in 1988 but lost. In 1992 he as the Vice-Presidential Candidate for historical candidate Bill Clinton. He won and was re-elected Vice-President in 1996. In 2000 he ran for president against George W. Bush and despite having the popular vote he lost the election. Afterwards he worked on environmental issues. Tennessee is listed as his home state


  • Stamina= 8/10
  • Money= 6/10
  • Fund Raising Ability- 7/10
  • Charisma= 5/10
  • Appearance= 6/10
  • Credibility= 6/10
  • Experience= 8/10
  • Intelligence= 6/10
  • Media Bias= 9/10
  • Minority Appeal= 4/10
  • Religious= 3/10

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