P. Ryan

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan (Jan. 28th, 1970-) is a Republican candidate in the Political Machine 2012. He is the real Republican Running mate.


Paul Ryan was born on January 28th, 1970 in Wisconsin. In 1998 at the age of 28 he won Wisconsin's 1st congressional District and assumed office in '99. In 2011 he became the chairmen of the house budget committee. He became Mitt Romney's  Running mate in 2012 but lost the election to Barack Obama.


  • Stamina= 8/10
  • Money= 6/10
  • Fund Raiser= 4/10
  • Charisma= 7/10
  • Appearance= 7/10
  • Credibility= 6/10
  • Experience= 7/10
  • Intelligence= 7/10
  • Media Bias= 5/10
  • Minority Appeal= 4/10
  • Religious= 5/10

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